Golden Bee Puzzles

plain logoWe are excited to announce the launch of Golden Bee Puzzles™.

These puzzles explore deep mathematical ideas while being fun for people of all ages.

The puzzles consist of a number of tiles in the shape of a Golden Bee.  All the tiles are the same shape, but they come in two sizes.

The challenge is to fit them together to make a larger bee shape.


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One thought on “Golden Bee Puzzles”

  1. Howdy From Texas Dr. Barnsley,
    My husband and I are scientist and engineer by training and living in Texas. We have been reading your book and have learned a great deal and fascinated by its contents. My husband no longer practices teaching and currently he is semi-retired, and in his free time he is building a wooden model of a small cottage with a low angled Roman dome in the center (approximately 22.5 degree angle by 5 to 6 Ft High and 12 to 14 FT in radius, –for the actual cottage). I would like the interior paint of the actual dome to be done similar to the Morning Glory pattern in the page 195 of your book. Would you be kind and send us a design (or a design guide) for a paint contractor to follow.
    I would appreciate your time and your efforts. My e-mail:
    Thank you and Happy New Year,
    Jeanne Caroline

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