FrangoPuzzle – a cross between a Rubik’s cube and a jigsaw

scrambled image
See how fast you can solve the puzzle

FrangoStudios is pleased to announce the release of FrangoPuzzle into the app store.

Imagine a truly fractal jigsaw: if just one tile is incorrectly orientated then there are changes in the all the tiles all the way down to pixels!

Tap one of the tiles to rotate it or swipe the tile to flip it. Once every one of the nine tiles is orientated correctly the image will be correct.

Visit the FrangoStudios website for more information or download FrangoPuzzle today. It’s free and runs on iPads and iPhones.

Sierpinski Fractal Manifold

Explore the fractal manifold for the Sierpinski triangle

If running in this window is slow then download the applet.

For the mathematics behind this read the papers Fast Basins and Branched Fractal Manifolds of Attractors of Iterated Function Systems and  Basic Topological Structure of Fast Basins.

Geogebra applet brought to you by Krzysztof Lesniak.


Golden Bee Puzzles

plain logoWe are excited to announce the launch of Golden Bee Puzzles™.

These puzzles explore deep mathematical ideas while being fun for people of all ages.

The puzzles consist of a number of tiles in the shape of a Golden Bee.  All the tiles are the same shape, but they come in two sizes.

The challenge is to fit them together to make a larger bee shape.


See more at the website.


This website promotes recent research concerning the mathematics of natural imagery, art, and biology. The goal is to combine ideas from chaotic dynamics, iterated function systems and image science to provide a new geometry of form and colour. Topics include colour stealing, fractal transformations, orbital pictures, the chaos game, superfractals, laminations, textures, area-preserving maps and more. Have fun!