This website promotes recent research concerning the mathematics of natural imagery, art, and biology. The goal is to combine ideas from chaotic dynamics, iterated function systems and image science to provide a new geometry of form and colour. Topics include colour stealing, fractal transformations, orbital pictures, the chaos game, superfractals, laminations, textures, area-preserving maps and more. Have fun!

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi. I came to this website looking for any corrections for the textbook “Fractals Everywhere new edition”, as suggested in the introduction to that book. I am using it to teach myself fractals, and would appreciate such a list. Definitions 4.2 and 4.3 in chapter 2 seem a bit odd; I think x should belong to S rather than X.

    1. Hi Peter

      We do not have an errata list for Fractals Everywhere. I am sure there are still some errors but hopefully not too many after a number of editions. We are trying to create a MOOC (open online course), based on the undergrad course Michael teaches at ANU. Would this interest you?

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